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Top 4 Posts at The God Project Dot Net

"The Award Goes to ..."

Happy Sunday, Seekers! This blog launched last November with nothing but a dream, a recycled WordPress.org account, and a domain name easily confused with a neo-Gothic rock band (“aggressive, intelligent, industrial-electronic music from northeast Kansas”), a fairly well-known horror novel by the late John Saul, and an obscure 2008 documentary with the exact same logline as our beloved The God Project Dot Net (“This is a story about a person looking for meaning in life, and the consequences he must ultimately face upon actually finding that meaning”).

So far, we have written 73 posts in 56 categories and a total of about 36,000 words. (To give you a benchmark, the average bestselling Janet Evanovich novel is about 60,000 words.) So that’s more than half a book’s worth of wisdom fire-hosed at you for free, kids. You’re welcome.

How is our traffic? Well, that’s proprietary, but I’ll reveal one piece of it. Back in 2009, I wrote a totally different blog on this same WordPress.org account under the domain name “Stuff Assholes Like” — a play on the then-phenomenal “Stuff White People Like” blog. It consisted of a numbered list of, well, stuff assholes like (“#35. Interrupting People”). Traffic to that blog averaged about ten times higher than traffic to the blog you’re reading now. Once again, the assholes win.

A few of my posts have had disproportionately large and sustained visits over the past few months. Since I can’t find direct links to them, they must be benefitting from some outsize word of mouth. In case you missed them:

“Top 4 Most Popular TGPDN Posts of All Time (So Far)”

#1. The Oprah-Eckhart Tolle “Scandal” — This post pointed out how much, um, homage the bestselling Eckhart Tolle pays to a certain 18th century monk named Jean-Pierre de Caussade, who wrote a classic treatise on the spiritual importance of living in the NOW.

#2. 20 Arguments for Atheism — A ranked list of the best arguments against the existence of God, as compiled by Professor Peter Kreeft and redacted by moi. (A similar list on 20 Arguments for God was not nearly as popular 😦 )

#3. A God Called “It” — Early on (Nov. 23), I wrote a brief manifesto on why I think it’s logically ridiculous to assign a sex to God, and why the only reasonable pronoun to use in referring to the God is “It.” I have no idea why, but for about a month there was a massive pile-on of visits to this particular post.

#4. Are Catholics Cannibals? — Answer: No. In which I address the issue of “transubstantiation” and whether Catholics believe the communion wafer really contains the body of Christ (ick).

Thanks for reading. Peace.